The History of the Land Cruiser

May 1st, 2017 by

Celebrating the history of the land cruiserAt 66 years old, the Toyota Land Cruiser is Toyota’s longest running vehicle,  its origin dates back to

World War II.  In 1941, Japanese officials found an American Army Jeep on an island off the Philippines.

They shipped the vehicle back to Japan and instructed Toyota to make a similar vehicle but to change

the appearance. In 1942, Toyota developed a prototype called the AK10 by reverse engineering the

American Army Bantam Jeep. In the early 1950’s, both American and Japanese armies used the vehicles

during the Korean War and soon after Japanese law enforcement agencies. Toyota Founder, Kiichiro

Toyoda publicly expressed his dream of a Japanese built car just as Ford and Chevrolet had done in

America that was high in quality and performance yet economical for the Japanese people. His dream

was realized in 1953 when the Land Cruiser went into mass production; six years later, Land Cruisers

began selling in America.

Today, more than 5,000,000 Land Cruisers have been produced and driven in 146 countries. The Land

Cruiser has been produced in convertible, hard top, cab chassis and station wagon versions. Known for

its reliability to tackle tough terrains, the Land Cruiser’s can be found traversing throughout Australian

Outback, the Swiss Alps, and the deserts in Dubai. Most impressive is the 58,196 road trip across seven

continents that Greg Miller and Scott Brady traversed with their Land Cruiser. In America, Land Cruiser

rallies and races are held throughout the year for Land Rover owners to test their vehicles toughness onLand Cruiser

trail runs. Any car that can drive through rivers, roads and trails we consider impressive. Land Cruiser

even has its own Land Cruiser History Museum to celebrate the legacy of the Land Cruiser.

In 2016, Toyota gave the Land Cruiser its first makeover in more than a decade. Its sleek new

appearance includes new front fenders, changes to its lighting, and updated the transmission to an

eight-speed automatic. Visit Land Cruisers Direct to find both new and used Land Cruisers in your area.

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