Benefits of Winter Tires

Even for the experienced driver, winter driving can be a challenge. If you drive in cold/snowy conditions you may want to consider a set of Winter Tires, as they out-perform most all-season and all-terrain tires with better stopping power and starting ability. They are a good choice for all vehicles whether front, rear or all-wheel drive. 

Winter Tires are designed to have biting edges and a tread compound that stays pliable in cold temperatures providing better traction. Always use 4 matching Winter Tires for the best balance of handling and grip to stop, start, and take a corner on snow-covered roads.

Purchase a set of Winter Tires for your Toyota and receive:

  • Free tire rotation for the life of the tires
  • Free seasonal tire swap over – just pay for the balance
  • Free 2-year Road Hazard Warranty – backed by Toyota
  • Free Flat Repairs
  • Free Tire Pressure Checks
  • Free TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) resets
  • Toyota Approved Tires – installed by Toyota Trained & Certified Technicians

Considering Winter Tires? Call our Service Department for a tire quote today! 

When it comes to winter driving, it is important to proceed with the utmost caution. If you would like us to perform a pre-winter check on your vehicle, please call us today!